2008 Creative Conferences in Boulder, Colorado

Regular tuition: $380

Travel Writing & Photography: Sept. 12-14

Student tuitions of $300 are also available, with a valid ID, for all conferences.

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Essay Contest Winner!
Beth Andersen wins the Writer's Workshop Essay Contest and a pair of Zeal sunglasses. Read her winning entry.

Kelsey Crider, the recipient of a Conference Scholarship, has had a successful kidney transplant.

Read Kelsey's story
Read about Kelsey's transplant

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The Magazine Writer's Workshop, held June 6-8, 2008 held an impromptu essay contest for all the workshop participants. The winner was Beth Andersen with her essay entitled, "Why I Write." Beth won a pair of Zeal women's sunglasses for her winning entry.


Why I Write
by Beth Andersen

            Writers are strippers. They tease. They titillate. They peel off the waitress’s uniform, the business suit, the lab coat to expose the naked person beneath. Every crevice and curve of goose-pimpled flesh. Then they go further to strip away the skin, the sinews of muscle, the blood and bones, revealing the hidden secret self that no one ever sees—not even the therapist or spouse or best friend. Writers call out the person who clings to her virginity too long then throws it away on a man who turns his back and buries himself in the sheets, not noticing he has left her in the cold. Writers confess the anguish of the project manager, divorced lover and soccer mom who wonder where those better dreams have hidden themselves. Middle aged and afraid to say the word, “failure.”

            Writers are in the throes of two love affairs at once. One is with the world outside. Everything is real. A boy in running shorts waiting for the light to change. The reflection of black clouds in the bathroom mirror. The second passion is the inner world of her own mind. There everything is true. Untouched. The way it was meant to be.

            This morning, I wiped away the shower mist and saw black clouds reflected the in the bathroom mirror. I just had to tell you. That is why I want to be a writer. No, that is why I am a writer.